Pavement Markings

Top-notch, durable markings for your pavement

The importance of pavement markings shouldn’t be understated. Visible lines keep pedestrians and drivers safe, promote proper traffic flow, and improve the customer experience.

For more than two decades, Crossroads Pavement Markings has provided high-quality line painting to commercial, industrial, and municipal clients throughout southeastern Ontario and beyond.

Currently, we offer the following types of markings:

  • Line painting (using only MTO-approved traffic paint)
  • Thermoplastic markings
  • Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) markings.

Whether you need line painting for a parking lot, road or warehouse; or colourful custom designs for a playground and schoolyard, we have the knowledge and experience needed to deliver an outstanding result on any job. Our laser-guided system ensures that all lines are perfectly straight, and at your request, we can provide just about any custom stencil imaginable.

In addition to markings, we offer line painting removal services via three methods:

  • Dry Grinding: One of our skilled technicians uses a grinder to carefully scrape and remove the paint without damaging the asphalt.
  • Black Paint: By applying paint that matches the colour of your blacktop, we’re able to cover up any unwanted lines.
  • Abrasive Blasting: We blast abrasive materials—such as sand—to remove lineswithout scarring, dishing, gouging, or damaging your asphalt.

For all pavement marking needs, contact Crossroads Pavement Markings today. We’d love to discuss your next project with you!


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