Crack Sealing

Prioritize the long-term health of your pavement with our first-class crack repair services.

Cracks affect more than just the appearance of your asphalt surface. They allow moisture to seep in and penetrate the foundation, severely reducing the life of your pavement if neglected.

By hiring a professional contractor to perform crack repairs, however, you remedy these issues and preserve your pavement. Unfortunately, some contractors will treat cracks by simply passing over them with sealant. As a result, these cracks are not properly filled and will usually open up again over time.

At Crossroads Pavement Markings, we don’t cut corners. We use the “route and seal” method, which not only provides a complete seal but also bolsters these areas against future cracking.

We achieve this through the following steps:
  • 1) Use a pavement router to further carve out any eligible cracks.
  • 2) Clean out any dirt and debris from these channels.
  • 3) Heat the rubberized sealant to 350 degrees.
  • 4) Fill the channels with the hot sealant (which will bond to the uniform walls more effectively)

If you need high-quality crack repair services for your commercial parking lot, industrial properties, airport, or road, get in touch with Crossroads Pavement Markings today!


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